Société Française de Recherche et Médecine du Sommeil - La SFRMS est une société savante qui regroupe médecins, chercheurs et professionnels de santé impliqués dans le domaine du sommeil et de ses pathologies.
Sorbonne Université Sorbonne Université
Sorbonne University is a multidisciplinary, research-intensive and world-class academic institution. Firmly rooted in the heart of Paris, it is committed to the success of its students and devoted to meeting the scientific challenges of the 21st century.
UFR des Sciences de la Vie UFR des Sciences de la Vie
L’UFR Sciences de la Vie est une composante de la Faculté des Sciences et Ingénierie de Sorbonne Université. Elle anime une politique de formation et de recherche au sein de la Faculté de Sciences et Ingénierie en synergie avec les autres composantes de la Faculté et, plus largement, de Sorbonne Université. Il s’agit d’une composante pluridisciplinaire couvrant tous les champs de la biologie. Plusieurs Centres de Recherche sont associés à l’UFR927 : Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Institut du Fer à Moulin, Institut Curie, Institut de la Vision, ainsi que 6 écoles doctorales.
LabEx Bio-Psy LabEx Bio-Psy
Laboratoire d'Excellence de Biologie pour la Psychiatrie, Bio-Psy rassemble des psychiatres, neuroscientifiques et généticiens, dont l'objectif commun est l'étude des mécanismes biologiques impliqués dans les désordres psychiatriques, afin d'en améliorer les diagnostics et les traitements au bénéfice des patients et de leur entourage.
Bioprojet Bioprojet
Rapprocher les univers académique et universitaire - Bioprojet, une société de Recherche, naît en 1982 sous l’impulsion de Jeanne-Marie Lecomte et Jean-Charles Schwartz, Docteurs en Pharmacie et en Sciences. Ils décident de rapprocher la recherche académique du développement pharmaceutique industriel, une pratique très peu répandue à l’époque. Avec Bioprojet, ils poursuivent un objectif : s’appuyer sur des travaux originaux en recherche fondamentale pour concevoir et développer des médicaments qui seraient les premiers de nouvelles classes thérapeutiques. Pour réaliser cette ambition, Bioprojet s’associe à l’Inserm, où Jean-Charles Schwartz dirige une Unité, et à divers laboratoires universitaires de Chimie Thérapeutique.
DIM Elicit DIM Elicit
DIM ELICIT “Empowering LIfe sCiences with Innovative Technologies” co-leaded by the Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes for microfluidics (IPGG, Patrick Tabeling) and the Institut Pasteur (Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin and Elodie Brient-Litzler) have been labeled by the Conseil Regional d’Ile-de-France for the period 2017 to 2020. DIM ELICIT aims at supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research projects that will combine 1)Implementation of disruptive technologies or methods in biology 2)Integration in the SME and industrial value-added chain 3) Integration in an open access environment for Life Sciences research teams. In order to be one of the most innovative ecosystem in the field of Technologies for Life Sciences, the DIM ELICIT wishes to bring together research teams from all Ile-de-France in one and only network.
Inscopix Inscopix
Inscopix is a discovery phase neurotechnology company in Palo Alto developing a platform for real-time brain mapping. Our team brings together expertise in neuroscience, engineering, software, and data science and is enabling radically new approaches to understanding the brain in health and disease. nVista and nVoke, our flagship products, are used in research institutions worldwide, resulting in top-tier publications on brain circuits implicated in learning, memory, cognition, and disease.
EMKA Technologies EMKA Technologies
emka TECHNOLOGIES provides integrated systems for preclinical physiology, pharmacology and toxicology studies. Our software and telemetry hardware acquire and analyze neurological data from freely moving laboratory animals. We offer an automated sleep scoring tool, able to differentiate between four sleep stages and to calculate global sleep scores.
Theranexus Theranexus
Theranexus est une société biopharmaceutique au stade clinique qui dispose de candidats-médicaments en réponse aux besoins des patients atteints de maladies du système nerveux. Theranexus est pionnière dans la conception et le développement de traitements agissant sur l'interaction entre neurones et cellules gliales. La technologie unique et brevetée exploitée par Theranexus permet d'accroître l'efficacité de médicaments psychotropes. Cette technologie déclinable a la capacité de générer différents candidats médicaments propriétaires à forte valeur ajoutée dans plusieurs indications et pour lesquels les temps, les risques, et les coûts d'accès au marché sont réduits par rapport aux développements classiques.
Viewpoint Viewpoint
Viewpoint is pioneer in behavior analysis automated tools dedicated to Neuroscience research. Our offices are in Lyon, France, Montreal, Canada and Shanghai, China. In the field of sleep research, we are newly offering ONEIROS, a new and low power consumption electrophysiological measurement system designed for conducting research on freely moving small animals. The miniature, standalone system is capable of recording up to 26 electrophysiological signals (electroencephalogram, electromyogram, electrooculogram, electrocardiogram…), metabolic (3 temperature channels) and behaviour via an accelerometer up to 7 days. We will also demonstrate our Sleep Deprivation System on rodents and Sleepscore Software, the most sophisticated sleep scoring solution.
Hellobio Hellobio
As experienced scientists, we aim to offer high quality research tools at prices so low that as many researchers as possible will be able to afford them. Our range includes high quality life science reagents and biochemicals for GPCRs, DREADDs, Ionotropic receptors, Ion channels, Enzymes, Stem cells, Signaling pathways. We’d love you to give us a try! (Expert chemical manufacturers, Endorsed by scientists worldwide, Biologically tested products, Hello BioPromise quality guarantee, Free trials, Everyday affordable prices) Have you said hello yet? Visit our stand!
Optogenix Optogenix
Optogenix develops, produces and sells innovative technologies that provide unique approaches to light delivery in support of optogenetics research. These technologies allow for uniform large-volume illumination and spatially addressable multi-point light delivery with extremely thin and sharp optical fibers.
NeuroNexus NeuroNexus
NeuroNexus powers neuroscience research through innovative neural probes, systems, and data analytics software. NeuroNexus probes include a full line of high-quality, customizable microelectrode arrays for electrophysiology and optogenetics research. NeuroNexus systems provide integrated plug-and-play solutions to support diverse neurophysiology experiments and workflows. The NeuroNexus data analytics software platform provides powerful, scalable, cross-platform analytical and visualization tools for managing and analyzing neurophysiological data — from individual experiments to complex multi-investigator ‘big data’.
BioMedX BioMedX
The BioMed X Innovation Center is an exciting collaboration model at the interface between academia and industry. At our center in Heidelberg, Germany, distinguished early career scientists recruited from all over the world are working jointly on novel pre-clinical research projects in the fields of biomedicine, molecular biology, cell biology, and diagnostics. These interdisciplinary project teams are conducting groundbreaking biomedical research in an open innovation lab facility on the campus of the University of Heidelberg, under the guidance of experienced mentors from academia and industry while expanding their scientific network. Each team is typically sponsored by a corporate pharmaceutical or biotech partner of BioMed X. After a fully funded project term, successful projects are internalized into the development pipeline of the respective pharma partner.
Tucker-Davis Technologies Tucker-Davis Technologies
TDT’s System 3 product family has expanded steadily with over 30 years of innovation. Our portfolio of products for basic and applied research in the neurophysiology, hearing, and speech science now includes everything from electrodes to specialized powerful processors and the software to run them.
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